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Avoiding IRMAA in Retirement

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Who is this IRMAA Class for?

Individuals that are retired

People that will be retiring in the next 15 years

People with over $400,000 in IRA’s and 401K’s

People with a Pension

People that saved for retirement by deferring Taxes

People worried about increases in Taxes

People worried about increases in Inflation

People considering or saving in a ROTH IRA

People that want a complete retirement plan showing their Income, Taxes, and Expenses

People concerned about Social Security

People concerned about Medicare

People concerned about running out of money

What will be discussed?

What is IRMAA

Who is impacted by IRMAA

How you can lose all your Social Security Income in Retirement

How to properly take your Social Security

How your retirement is taxed

How your Social Security is Taxed

How to protect yourself from IRMAA

How your retirement plan is infested with taxes that you are not even aware of

How you can avoid IRMAA

How to maximize your Social Security

How your 401k is designed to run out of money

How to find out what your costs in retirement will be

What You Get for Joining Us

Free Customized IRMAA Report

Free Retirement Stress Test

Free Retirement Stress Test

Who is Healthcare Retirement Planner

At Healthcare Retirement Planner we have spent the last 10 years researching the impact of IRMAA on Medicare and individual retirement plans. Taking the knowledge and applying it to helping financial professionals service their clients better.

We also provide individual guidance, seminars and software to help both financial professionals and individuals illustrate costs, impact and how to mitigate moving forward.

Healthcare Retirement Planner has also partnered with IRMAA Certified Planner to help educate and certify financial professionals. Through this designation, financial Professionals will be able illustrate and navigate structuring retirement plans to mitigate issues arising from IRMAA.