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Is the book 1984 relevant today… unfortunately it is.

By February 22, 2014December 19th, 2022No Comments

Sales of the book “1984”, by George Orwell are on the rise as some people, in 2014, believe that what was written by Mr. Orwell is starting to happen, while some, especially those in certain media circles, are laughing at the fact that others are now buying a copy of the book and obviously the question is: who is right?

The answer to this question is not an easy one to find as people in the United States come in a variety of backgrounds, beliefs, experiences and education so what one person believes to be happening is another person’s warning signal.

A good example of this may be how Google has the ability to track people.

Someone with a background from say Poland in the 1930’s and 1940’s may see this as a very scary way of making sure an authoritarian ruler has a way of knowing exactly where you are, while others, who have a background of growing up with Face Book, Linked In and Twitter may think that what Google can do is great because it will allow them to be more “sociable”.

But, if we step back and take a look at what Mr. Orwell wrote and then just simply observe what is happening in the United States the answer to that question may be easier to find than we think.

Just look at where today:

  • Just by driving down the street we are videotaped, even our car has the ability to report what we are doing with the little black box under our seat which records every move we make (did you put on your blinker, were you changing the channel, was Bluetooth connected …).

  • Believe that the 2nd Amendment applies to you…maybe not in the near future.

  • How about making the decision as an adult to purchase smokes or a soda in NY?

  • Even our backyard is a target if we happen to want to grow a garden as it would appear that our government might just have something to say about it and when it does, for some strange reason it will use not only the press, but also blogs like Politifact that try to either squash the truth or twist it in a way that will have the reader agree with what can be done on your own property even after you have paid taxes on it.

  • Speaking about taxes and property, how about being taxed on the rain fall that hits your roof, couldn’t possibly happen…?

  • Should I go further… should I mention that the TSA violates a Constitutional right DAILY and that it is expanding to train stations and even stadiums?

  • How about roadblocks where the police are asking to take your DNA either through a mouth swab or even blood, impossible right?

    I didn’t even have to mention the NSA scandal…oops I just did.

  • What about our health records, they should be safe right, I mean there is no way a private entity would collect our health data as that is the most important data that we can have???

    Now I ask – is 1984 still irrelevant or is it something that should be laughed at?

    There’s no need to worry though because the government will readily supply us with the needed pills we have to have to make it through the day..uh-oh, apparently those don’t work like they are supposed to or maybe, just maybe, they do work exactly like they were intended to work.perfectly

  • Amazing that the last 45 mass murderers where on some type of drug like Ritalin or Prozac – I know the automatic government response: “it was the bullet that just placed itself in the gun, it was really the bullet’s fault”. What is next we outlaw metal because guns can be made from it?
  • To quote someone as trivial as Barbossa from the Pirates of the Caribbean  You best start believing inconspiracy stories, Miss Turner… you’re in one!”